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We know that the death of a family member often brings with it a host of legal issues that need to be addressed very quickly and clearly.  That is why we make it a priority to promptly respond to calls from people who have recently lost loved ones.  Many times, the information and advice given by our lawyers provides practical and common sense answers to what may seem to be overwhelming questions.  We never charge for an initial phone call or office conference with a grieving family.  Often, at that conference we can identify strategies to making funeral arrangements, accessing bank accounts, paying bills, and making insurance claims without the need to create a formal estate and without incurring the cost of formal estate proceedings.   

In those instances where a formal estate administration is necessary, we can help with that as well; from probating a will to filing an inheritance tax return and a formal court accounting if necessary.  Our lawyers and staff can help guide the executor or administrator of an estate through all stages of an estate administration, to make sure all of the often complex legalities are complied with and the executor or administrator is protected from unexpected liabilities.

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